Boris Johnson and Priti Patel’s cruel Rwanda plan punishes people for how they seek asylum.

It is wrong to punish people seeking asylum for how they cross a border. Priti Patel plans to punish some people seeking asylum here by sending them to Rwanda, by force.

That’s why we – along with PCS union and Care4Calais - have launched this legal challenge, and we need your help.

  • We’ve spoken to people seeking asylum who have been thrown back into fear and uncertainty because of this policy. This policy punishes everyone: men, women, pregnant women, families with children, disabled people, survivors of trafficking and torture and LGBT+ people.
  • We’ve uncovered extensive evidence to show Rwanda’s poor human rights record and the acute risks faced by refugees in Rwanda
  • Some people would face greater danger in Rwanda. Journalists, political activists and LGBT+ people face persecution, imprisonment and even death in Rwanda. Priti Patel wants to send them anyway.

Before our full case could be heard, the Government scheduled the first flight to Rwanda on 14th June 2022, but following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, this flight had to be abandoned.

The Court highlighted that there are “serious triable issues” in our case. The Court also took note of evidence from the UNHCR who are intervening in our case, that those transferred to Rwanda will not have access to fair and efficient procedures for determining refugee status. The Court has said that individuals should not be removed until our domestic courts have decided whether or not the policy is lawful.

Our case was heard in the High Court on 5-9 September 2022. Our legal challenge continues.

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